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EL TERRAT: About us

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EL TERRAT (The Mediapro Studio) started in 1989. The first project was “El Terrat de Radio”, a programme with Andreu Buenafuente on Radio Reus (Cadena SER). This humorous programme in the midday slot surprised everyone with its freshness and ability to innovate and it has lead to almost 25 years of audiovisual production. During all this time the company has successfully produced television and radio programmes, movies and documentaries, shows for theatre, books, advertisements and internet formats.

The first television programme by EL TERRAT was “Sense títol” (“Without title”) (TV3, 1995). EL TERRAT has been growing ever since: more than 100 programmes have been produced for the main Spanish television channels (making up altogether more than 5.000 hours of broadcasting), a score of books have been published, a large number of projects for the internet, lots of branded contents have been created, have been made and about ten plays have been produced for theatre so far.

Its goal is to create and produce entertainment and fiction formats for any medium such as television, internet, theatre, cinema… It has the mission and vocation to cover the artistic needs of the creative partners while at the same time pursuing the recruitment of the best external talents. To that end, EL TERRAT comes with an expertised team on fiction (TV and cinema), new formats, humour and entertainment, internet, adverstising and marketing.

In addition to the production area, EL TERRAT accomplish educational programmes in the most recognised theatre schools and colleges specialized on media communication, like Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

EL TERRAT, in the context of a business in total transformation, hopes to achieve sufficient growth to guarantee the competitiveness of its formats and to expand its market.

EL TERRAT content is based on:

  • Humour: its traditional product.
  • Provocation: ways to achieve notoriety and impact.
  • Singularity: preference to the unrepeatable.

Furthermore, EL TERRAT is one of the most awarded production company in Spain. Its productions have received awards from the most recognised spanish organisations such as the Ondas, TP de Oro, Academia de Televisión… Besides, EL TERRAT had a Rose d’Or nomination for best reality and factual entertainment programme and an Emmy nomination for best entertainment programme.

The General Board is made up of Andreu Buenafuente and Agustí Esteve.